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Does Buzzsprout Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, with Buzzsprout's affiliate program, you can earn $20 for every paid account you refer to Buzzsprout. Every person you refer to Buzzsprout will also receive a $20 credit to their Buzzsprout Wallet, so they're incentivized to use your link! 

Sign Up for Buzzsprout

Here's how to sign up and receive your affiliate code:
  1. Sign up for a Buzzsprout Account
  2. Log in and go to Monetization > Affiliate Marketplace
  3. Scroll down and click Become an Affiliate next to Buzzsprout
  4. Read the terms and enter your PayPal email address 
  5. Copy your Affiliate Code and use it to refer people to Buzzsprout
Buzzsprout Affiliate Program
Buzzsprout Affiliate Program

Technical Details

  • Attribution cookies: Attribution cookies do not expire and you will be credited for a paid referral even if somebody doesn’t upgrade to a paid account for years.
  • Log into your account often: To maintain an affiliate account you must log in to your Buzzsprout account at least once every 6 months so it doesn't expire.
  • Link to any page: Your affiliate code will work with any URL on Buzzsprout, so you get credit for sending your audience to any of our podcasting guides.

Fine Print

  • Payout terms: You will not receive payment until the podcaster you refer has converted to a paid account and has been charged for two months. 
  • Self-dealing: You may not refer yourself, you cannot be listed on an account you refer, and you cannot pay for any account you refer to Buzzsprout.
  • Disallowed promotion: You may not promote your affiliate link on Buzzsprout social media pages, in Buzzsprout groups, using paid advertisements (Google Ads, social media, etc.), or on "coupon sites."
  • Honesty policy: You cannot promote your link by claiming exclusive discounts or services that are not offered by Buzzsprout. 
  • Termination: At Buzzsprout's sole discretion, your affiliate account may be terminated if you violate any of these terms or use your link in a dishonest, deceptive, or damaging manner. 

Change Your Paypal Email Address

Here's how to change your payout email address for Buzzsprout. 
  1. Log in to your Buzsprout Account
  2. Go to Monetization > Affiliate Marketplace
  3. Under Buzzsprout, click edit affiliate
  4. Click change email on the righthand side
  5. Update your Paypal email address and click Save and Activate
Future payments will be sent to this Paypal email address.