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Episode Order

In Buzzsprout, we organize your episodes based on their publish date. If you need to change the order of your episodes then you will want to update the publish date to get the desired order. Once the publish dates are changed in Buzzsprout it may take up to 24 hours to see the order change in your listings. 

Note: If any two episodes have the same publish date then we order them based on when they were last edited. 

The publish date will affect the order in which your episodes show across all directories. But you have one more setting you can use to control how your episodes are downloaded for your subscribers. This distinction can be found on your Podcast Info page, on the Advanced tab, under Episode Type. You will be able to choose between Episodic and Serial

Episodic Podcasts (default)

The Episodic option delivers your episodes to your users with the most recently published episode first. This is great for podcasts where each episode is stand-alone and where episodes don't need to be heard in a specific order. 

Serial Podcasts

The Serial option will have your episodes downloaded for your subscribers starting with Episode 1 then 2, and so forth. This is good for podcasts that tell stories over the arc of a season or podcasts where you need to have context from past episodes.

Note: The Serial option will only affect the order in which your episodes are downloaded on your directory listings. It will not change the order on your Buzzsprout website or embed players.